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BWLS - Declaration management and representation

Declaration management and representation

For us, ongoing tax advice involves more than merely helping our clients comply with fiscal obligations. We see tax advice as one of many modules in the overall context of a global approach. And to make sure the entire process functions smoothly, we offer our clients the benefit of flat hierarchies, short reaction times and personal availability.

High-quality declaration management provides the basis for relationships with our clients that, more often than not, remain in place over the longer term. This groundwork provides valuable insights that we can use to leverage latent potential when preparing fiscal accounts for the business or private sphere.

Declaration management essentially includes the following services:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Declarations for all types of taxes
  • Examination of assessment notices
  • Accounting and human resources

We also help our clients to achieve their fiscal goals by assisting them in their dealings and negotiations with the tax authorities and tax courts. For example, whenever possible, we make every effort to verify the legality of tax (design) measures in advance. In the case of audits or disputes with tax authorities, we accompany our clients as they deal with the authorities by providing in-depth support and advice.

Our spectrum of services includes the following:

  • Support in the case of field audits
  • Management of appeals
  • Representation in the case of disputes before the tax courts
  • Applications for letter rulings
  • Clarification of specific procedural issues
  • Advice in connection with voluntary disclosure
  • Advice in connection with collection and payment procedures (extensions, waivers, stays)
  • Advice / defence against enforcement measures of the tax administration